I had to make a post today because I had such a good weekend. Everything was working to my luck even though I had a bad week with Senior Board. I really needed it. First, the mandatory rehearsal we made on time because the pool heater broke on wednesday. Although the pool was at 82 degrees the next day, Coach let me out early because I needed to leave at 4:00 on Friday for COREchella even though she initially wasn’t going to. Saturday was Izzy’s Debut and I didn’t know until the day of COREchella and I THOUGHT I had volunteering but it was cancelled. I found out after finally doing some backflips :) STILL SCARED BUT YEAH. AH COREchella was an amazing experience and I had great support from everyone and the audience was so nice i love everyone. Izzy’s party was so heartwarming and fun and she deserved every second of it.



Yea I haven’t posted in about a month because of homework and I really don’t even have the time to right now but I’m really sad :( I realized yesterday practicing for dive alone that it’s actually really hard to do it without any support from a coach or a team mate. This morning I realized that I won’t have the Denny’s tradition before going out to dive like I did for the past two years (even though I really shouldn’t eat before a dive meet lol) and the realization that I won’t have the fun car rides with my team anymore :( IDK how this is going to work. I’m not really improving, just reinforcing what I already learned.



We had an early day today but I didn’t really get to take advantage of it by doing homework. Sigh I should’ve taken advantage of my weekend more since I didn’t have calc or micop on saturday. -.- Anyways we made 400 eggrolls today!



I SPENT ALL FRIGGIN DAY ON THIS MURAL HOLY MOLY. I AM SO EXHAUSTED AND I DID NOT HAVE A GOOD DAY. The fact that I did not start homework at all made it even worse. Someone was able to make my day a bit better though!

#:)  #2014  


Hmmm.. I woke up at eight today and scored 12 hours of sleep. Right when I was feeling like cleaning my room my mom said we had to go out to Chinatown to eat. It took half an hour to get up there and half an hour for my mom to pick up pastries before we got to the restaurant. When we got home.. Ofc I didn’t want to clean.. so before I knew it I had to go coach for Special Olympics :D It was fun & I met some pretty cool people. Ok I should clean my room, get any work I can done.. (which I kind of doubt I will) and sleep cos I have a mural to paint tomorrow. WTH my life is so eventful. Not many people can say they coached swimming for children with disabilities one day and is going to paint a mural the next.. I’m kind of proud of myself :)



WOW so much happened today and I didn’t even take a picture >:( JK I FOUND ONE. Ok hmm, so we had Tim Wise as a guest speaker for CORE and HALLELUJAH we didn’t have swim practice again ;) After school I had a date but it was super super complicated. Halfway through IN the movie I found out my brother got hurt during practice and had to go to the hospital??!!!1/1?! Well I got home really tired and slept at eight only to have relatives over and be drunk and loud all night.



HI MATTHEW! We had late practice today so I got to watch volleyball practice after and interesting swim practice. This kid was drawing hearts all over his homework but instead of writing the name of his crush he wrote my name and Michael’s. Whatttaaaaaa little kid. HAHA but I love Matthew. I also found out today that my aunt found out about my singing and seriously offered to pay for me to go on American Idol… HAHAHA ohh man I’m not so sure.



YA hey this is late but this day we did not have late practice because of a girl’s waterpolo game ;) 



Pieology/Boba My Tea Fundraiser today! James surprised me but not really? They were there for Dream -.- OK THANKS. 



Brownie got a bath todaaay hehe. Today was a chores & homework day thoughhh.